Monday, July 23, 2012

A Taste of Camping in California

Prior to having baby R (in 2002), we had attempted to take a trip to Yosemite National Park in California. Clueless and carefree, we drove to Yosemite without reservations. After all, in our native state of Arizona, we never needed a camping reservation. Of course, when we arrived, the campgrounds within the state park were completely full, and we ended up at a campground just outside the south entrance to the park. It was still beautiful, and amazing, and we *almost* had a great time there. You see, we had done some research prior to our visit, to see if our dog would be allowed within the park. The website said pets were allowed only on paved areas in the park. We figured that would be no problem. Unfortunately, there were only a few areas where the dog was allowed, and everywhere we went (within those paved locations) we were approached by staff who reminded us of the rules firmly. It was really frustrating and beyond annoying to be constantly approached, when we were following their rules.

Beautiful scenery within the park

Another gorgeous view within the Valley

Sorry Doggie, you're most definitely NOT welcome here!!

Thankfully we picked up these playing cards at the gift shop. We played cards together instead of exploring trails, since we couldn't leave our dog alone at our campsite, and couldn't bring her almost anywhere within the park.
We ended up taking a few photos and leaving the park, determined to return one day without a pet, and with a reservation. Yosemite is definitely on our must-see list for the future.

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  1. Oh Yosemite.. so so pretty! And yes, a must see! How fun! I look forward to that post!!


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