Monday, July 23, 2012

Beach Camping: El Capitan

We had such a fantastic time at Lake Mary, we just could not wait for our next camping trip. Our neighbors told us about their favorite campground, El Capitan State Park, near Santa Barbara. Ironically, we had been just north of this campground for our first camping experience in California. We were excited to try our hand at beach camping, and we just knew our little girl would love it too.

El Capitan is a very desirable campground, and it's really difficult to get reservations for it. We decided to try our luck in the off season, and booked a site in October. It was beautiful, and though there were other campers there, we had our choice of several premiere sites.

View from our first campsite

Sunset the first night
Another magnificent sunset

Dolphins frolicking in the waves brought us endless entertainment. There were dolphins swimming in the water nearly every day. We even saw them swimming with surfers and swimmers in the water. They were so beautiful!
One of my favorite parts of El Capitan are the tidepools; home to sea stars, sea urchins and anemones.

I've seen many tidepools, but these ones are amazing. So much fun to explore with the kids. And they are so accessible too. You just have to walk down the beach. 

A nice walkway stretches down the beach (perfect for strollers, and wheelchairs) so you can get a beautiful view of the water as you go for an easy stroll. It was nice to let our daughter stretch her legs and run as long & far as she wanted to, while she was easily in our view at all times. 

Walks on the beach are our favorite pastime here. It's just so gorgeous. 
El Capitan has so much rugged and natural beauty. Stark, jagged cliffs overlook the beautiful Pacific Ocean.
I'm a sucker for a beautiful sky shot.
 This trip was definitely one of our favorites. We once again explored the campground, furiously writing down the premiere sites. We hoped to be able to book a more private site next time. The weather in October was a little cool, but definitely do-able. During the day, we enjoyed the warm sun at the beach and on our hikes, and at night it cooled down enough for us to don our coats. We left El Capitan, very happy campers. We moved this campground to the top of our list as favorite so far.

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  1. Yes, I am going to have to put that on my list! WOW is that not pretty and perfect! I love the tide pools too!


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