The beginning

As a young(er) couple, my man and I were both working in the corporate world, making good money, and enjoying life. My job as a commercial real estate property manager allowed for wonderful perks like free weekends at exclusive wineries and ski resorts. It was amazing. We spent time driving the curving country roads near Napa, California and explored the rugged beauty of the mountains near Beaver Creek, Colorado. We spontaneously decided to drive up the west coast one evening; rented a convertible and watched the sunset as we cruised with the top down, and the ocean breeze blowing softly around us. It was a fantastic time. We both remember it fondly, even now, 13 years later.

Yet, we both wanted more. We wanted to have a baby. We imagined sharing these wonderful drives and experiences with our little child. Five years after getting married, little R came along. She was simply adorable (not biased at all, of course). We couldn't wait to share our road trips with our precious little girl. We should have known what we were in for as we strapped her into her car seat for that first ride home from the hospital....

Yes, our sweet baby HATED the car. She despised riding (or sitting for that matter) in her car seat at all. We bought a new car seat, toys, music, lights, pacifiers, blankets, mobiles...and on...and on... but she still hated the car. Oh, the irony of it all.


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