Sunday, September 16, 2012

Goodbye Yosemite

We had a wonderful time in Yosemite, and hope to be able to visit again sometime. As night fell on our last day in the park, our little guy relaxed with a good book.
He loves to snuggle on the first step and read his book, while keeping one eye on the campground outside. I guess he doesn't want to miss anything exciting that might be going on!

The next morning, we headed back home. As we drove along, I thought about what a wonderful trip this has been. 
 Each time a trip draws to a close, I have a bittersweet feeling as we return home. I'm always happy and very grateful to have had these shared experiences with my family, but a little sad that this trip is over.
 Fortunately, I love a good road trip, so there is always the drive to enjoy on our way home.
So much meaningful conversation happens on the road. I also feel so fortunate, that after 12 years together, there is always so much to talk about with my hubs. I never tire of sharing my thoughts with him and listening to all he has to say too. Since the kids are usually mesmerized by beautiful scenery, or a good movie, we actually have the rarity of many hours of just sitting and talking to each other. The drive is actually one of my favorite parts of each trip.
 As we watch the stunning sunsets on our way home, we say goodbye to Yosemite...

...and hello to planning our next adventure!

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