Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yosemite: Day 4; Biking and breaking out

Morning broke, and our little K was covered in hives. Poor little thing. So we decided to stay around our campground and explore, and bike ride if she felt up to it later.

We walked around our campground (North Pines), visited with the horses (and mules) and explored the shallow areas in the Merced River a bit.

Two little horse-lovers visiting with a mule. 
They loved how close we were to the horses & mules. Just a quick walk from the campground, and they could talk to their four-legged-friends all afternoon!
Little Boy in flight. I love to see my little guy in his element. He loves climbing, running and exploring while we camp.
Three little explorers
There is beautiful scenery everywhere at Yosemite. Of course, the well-known peaks are very familiar to everyone, but there is a beautiful tree, an expanse of granite, a gorgeous meadow everywhere you turn in the park, just waiting to be explored and photographed.
Little rock-climbers had a great time scaling the granite boulders
After lunch and a nap (for the little ones), we headed out on our bikes again. This time, we rode to nearby, Sentinel Meadow for the afternoon.

While climbers scale the granite cliffs behind her, my little girl is just as determined to balance on this fallen tree.
What's so hard about this, mama?!

My poor, puffy-faced sweetheart was such a good sport. 
This is where Yosemite falls is usually visible in the spring, and earlier summer. The meadows were filled with grasses, and some flowers. There is a built-in boardwalk/bridge that we could ride our bikes across, to get to the other side of the meadow. Apparently in the spring, there are also monarch butterflies fluttering through the meadows, pollinating milkweed in bloom. 
After our bike ride, we headed back to our campground to let the kids throw rocks in the river (one of their favorite past-times).

The sunlight was beautiful, reflecting on the calm (looking) river water. I was amazed at how strong the current was, even in mere inches of water. The river was pretty low, but we could imagine how powerful it is when full. 

Someday, I will be able to take photos without two little ones hanging on my arms... and actually set up shots, change lenses etc. But for now, I was happy to capture these quick shots. I love to look back at our photos and remember the amazingly beautiful places we were able to visit together. The quality of the photos may not be perfect, but the quality of our time together is simply priceless to me. 


  1. Wonderful blog. Loved reading your adventure at Yosemite and of course, love the photo's. I'm thinking it's time to teach R to take photo's so you get more of you and A together. And I'm really sorry my log in name wound up being eeb19b48-09b1-11e2-a6fd-000bcdcb5194. That's just weird.


    1. Thanks Faye. Glad you like it. :) That's a good idea. R is pretty good with the camera. I'll have to put her to work!


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