Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yosemite Evening 3: Olmsted Point; Dinner al fresco

After two hikes in one day, all of us were happy to get back to the rv and sit down for a bit. And now it was about 5 pm, the time that our kids normally eat dinner. We decided to get on the road, and either stop at a grill we had seen on the way up, or make dinner somewhere along the road home. Before we passed the grill, we asked if anyone was hungry yet. Of course, there was a resounding, "No Way!!" from the back of the vehicle, so we drove on by. 10 minutes later, the kids were so hungry, they were about to chew their own limbs off. Ay yi yi (yes, I find myself saying this a lot!)

As luck would have it, we were just approaching Olmsted Point, a lookout we had seen on the drive up, but drove past, in order to get to Soda Springs in time. We pulled right in to the large parking lot, and looked out over the valley. Wow, what a breathtaking view!

 Now laugh as you will, my friends, but this scenario is exactly why I love having an rv. With three little kids, I pretty much spend every waking moment working around food, diapering (or potty) and sleep/naps. The Winnie allows me to do any of these things wherever we are, whenever it's convenient. It is so awesome!! We got to go on two beautiful hikes, and spend the entire day exploring nature, without worrying about being home in time for dinner, naps, lunch etc. When they were hungry, we just pulled over, popped on the generator, and nuked some mac & cheese for them. We would never be able to fit all of this in one day any other way with our kids.
Perfect pull-off for a picnic
We could see a unique view of Half-Dome while we dined. 
I love this little Winnie!
By the way, the hubs & I thought we were very smart. We had purchased some "quickie convenience food" that the kids don't normally have at home in case we needed a quick meal while on the go. We patted ourselves on the backs a little as the kids wolfed down the "treat" dinner while we took turns taking photos at the gorgeous outlook. A little parenting tip: if you're going to do this, try the food at least once at home first, so your little girl doesn't break out in hives from an allergic reaction on your vacation. Whoops. Other than this little mishap, the dinner break was a brilliant feat in multi-tasking with kids. Hey, at least I had packed Benadryl and Cortizone cream in our first aid kit. Do I get any credit for that? No? I didn't think so.

Allergic reaction aside (since it didn't happen right away, and ignorance was bliss), we really enjoyed the dinner and the amazing scenery.
A gorgeous look at Half-Dome as we dined.
I (obviously) couldn't get enough of the magnificent scenery.
The granite hilltop above the lookout
Another shot of the granite on the other side of the road
So glad for the happy accident that brought us to Olmsted Point. It really was a lovely evening. If we returned to Yosemite, I would love to hike around this area. There look to be some great hikes to explore here.
Soon enough, dinner was over, and we were back on the beautiful road
The sun has set on another beautiful day in Yosemite.


  1. I am in Love at all your photos. You have a crazy talent- looks so nice, relaxing and fun! What great memories you are making with your sweet kiddos! Love it!

    1. Awww...thanks so much Jen. you are very sweet. The scenery is so gorgeous there, the photos practically take themselves. :) But I do love to get shots of nature. It's so beautiful. Thanks for reading!


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