Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yosemite trip is on!

 After discussing it at length, and reading all of the information possible, my hubby and I decided to make the trip to Yosemite, despite the recent news of hantavirus outbreaks, including two deaths from the virus. During our previous visit in 2002, we had looked at Curry Village, and the "tent-cabins" they provide for guests. We felt pretty certain that the illnesses were due to the mice nesting within these cabins themselves, and we would be safe staying in our own rv, in a different campground. If you look at the cabins, you can see that they are insulated to provide greater comfort against the elements. As Yosemite staff has substantiated, they have found nests and mice within the insulated walls of these cabins (ew, blah, yuck, disgusting! I hate mice...even if it is nature & all.)

Anyway, not trying to minimize the deaths of the poor visitors to the park, just trying to explain why we decided to go ahead on our trip after all. Everything has risks, and we decided that we would still visit, but just be extra cautious. We were very careful to wash the kids' hands frequently, kept them out of the dirt (as much as possible) and brought our lysol, bleach, and rubber gloves for cleaning. We did not see one mouse on the trip, nor any evidence of one. Whew. Hopefully we will be fine, and Yosemite will be able to clean up the village so there will not be any further illnesses.

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