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Counting down...

Image the next camping trip. One of the best things about having an RV (in my opinion) is looking forward to the new places you'll go, the new things you'll see, and the fun times spent with family. So I am always anticipating the next trip. In just a few more weeks...

BEACH CAMPING!! I just love the beach in the winter. No crowds, crashing waves to lull you to sleep, and days spent exploring tidal pools and playing in the sand (for the kids that is)! This time we're trying out a new campground in Malibu, California. I can't wait! Now off to do laundry, and dishes, and mop the floors while visions of sunsets like this one dance through my head! Happy Monday.

Homemade Pancakes



I'm so excited to blog about our latest camping trip. As usual, I could barely wait to download all the photos. It was a beautiful long weekend at the beach. As you can see, the littlest guy was pretty excited too. Our kids love the ocean. And I love seeing them so happy. But for now, this tired and happy camper has a long, long day of laundry ahead of her. I'll just think of this ecstatic little guy while I'm tackling the piles of clothes... I only wish I was that excited to fold.