Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Banana Slugs, Big Basin Goodbyes, and Brownie Sundaes

It's our last day in Big Basin State Park, and we are all making the most of it. We've been biking around the park, the kids have been exploring all of the hollow trees, and of course discovering the banana slugs. Now I love nature, but even I, was a little taken aback when I first spotted a banana slug. But they are harmless, and actually very beneficial to the forest. Still a little gross looking...dontcha' think? The kids love them!

This fallen tree was leaning on another log and towered above us. Amazing to see how huge even these "little" redwoods are!
The kids deemed this the "best campsite EVER!" because there were so many trees to play on, and so much space in our site. I gotta say, I agree with them (and I swear it's not because we could have been sleeping in a WalMart parking lot, due to our reservation mess-up).

Along with dinner, we had this impromptu "caprese on green salad." It was delicious and refreshing. Just splashed balsamic vinaigrette over romaine and topped with tomatoes and mozzarella. Everyone loved it. 
And then, for dessert, we tried out the Dutch Oven again. This time, for brownies. We used a great recipe I found on a great blog called Dutch Oven Madness. Grandma's Brownies were so delicious.
The girls anxiously watching over "the goods"
It smelled soooooo good!
Brownie Sundaes. Who calls this roughing it? 
Ahhh... what a sweet ending to a fabulous trip to Big Basin. Now tomorrow, we are off to San Francisco! We can't wait!

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