Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lake Tahoe: On Fear and Trust

On our trip to Lake Tahoe this past summer, we happened upon this gorgeous dock at the beach and I had the most unlikely desire to jump off of it. Unlikely because, as I may have mentioned before, I don't like heights (to put it mildly). Yet somehow, as I walked out onto the warm wooden slats of the dock, and looked at the crystal clear teal waters of the lake, I just wanted to leap with all my might. I mentioned this to my (fearless) husband, and he was (not surprisingly) eager to join me. Then I was shocked to hear my littlest guy and his sisters exclaim that they wanted to jump in too! These brave little munchkins looked up at us trustingly and were so excited to jump that I knew I couldn't chicken out.

Little Nature Lover

When I see photos like this I think, "I'm so glad we're taking them camping now so they can grow up with an appreciation for nature, and beauty, and wildlife and the rugged outdoors. They will think about how much water they use, and be careful not to litter, and to be kind to animals. I love that they already show a love for nature like their parents."

Then again, he could just be thinking about that Spider Man fishing pole he threw into the lake last time we visited. Either way, I love my little man, and have lots of fun camping with him.

Jeep-ing around Big Bear

Since Big Bear was only a few hours away, we decided to bring the Jeep along with our  RV. This way we'd be able to try out some of the ...