Monday, March 17, 2014

Santa Rosa Plateau: In Our (old) Backyard

I haven't posted in a while due to so much happening in our lives. One of those "happenings" is our family's upcoming move. It will be a good move, but it is still hard to say goodbye to friends and family, and friends who have become like family in the 12 years we've lived in our town.

And then there is the fun of showing a house, packing a house and selling a house with three little kids and their mom attempting to still live in said house. So today, during our buyer's final walk through, I decided to take my little guy out to do something fun. 

We decided to explore a nature preserve just minutes from our house. We have lived here for 12 years, and I have never done this before! What fun we have missed out on. 

The youngest little guy (with two older sisters) enjoyed holding the map and being the trailblazer for a change. One of his favorite parts of the trail was climbing these huge boulders. His other favorite activity was looking for animal tracks and "scat." Yes, the rangers gave him a map with photos of different animal scat for him to identify. Is this little boy heaven, or what?!
Bridges are AWESOME!!! Whether you're three, or thirty---plus----more than three!
Time to stop for our picnic lunch. We found a perfect spot and enjoyed the bird songs and time together while we munched. I'm not gonna lie, there are very few quiet moments with this little guy, so I enjoy them when they come. Usually they come while his mouth is filled with food.
The boy does not do anything at a slow speed. I had to jog to keep up.
I love trees. I couldn't resist taking photos of this beauty.
Thankfully, my little buddy was happy to climb, while I took pictures. Such a fun day. We have been so overwhelmed with packing, keeping the house neat and clean, rushing to fill out paperwork, mail paperwork, notarize paperwork... that I am so happy we took this time out to have a special morning together.

I highly recommend a visit to the Santa Rosa Plateau. The scenery is gorgeous, the hikes are fun for all ages, and the rangers in the visitor center were extremely friendly and helpful. Oh, and for your little boys, there is plenty of scat!

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