Monday, March 17, 2014

Tilden Regional Park: Road Trip!

Finally feeling settled in enough after our big family move to take a road trip and do some exploring in our new neighborhood.
 These are the kinds of roads I love. They just make me want to keep driving and driving, anticipating each curve and what's behind it. It was a beautiful day exploring our new surroundings.
And the surroundings are amazing. We ended up at the Tilden Regional Park near Berkley, California. There were beautiful outlooks, greenery, horses, and waterways. It was a very pretty day. The only negative (and it was a big one for us) was the excessive graffiti and trash around the park. It was really sad to see people have so little respect for such a beautiful place. And while we saw several official service vehicles, we didn't see anyone taking care of the littering or graffiti everywhere. It was a real disappointment. I would love to come back to explore the park more, and go on hikes, but the poor maintenance is really a deterrent for us. I don't know if we will be back, but we certainly enjoyed today!
Even though the fog was rolling in, it was a gorgeous view, and a fantastic day.

 It's so good to be back to exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery that nature provides.

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