Sunday, July 13, 2014

Driving to Yellowstone

We left the Grand Tetons late morning, eager to arrive at Yellowstone. We knew the park was huge, and wanted to get as much time to explore it as possible. Almost as soon as we hit the road, we spotted a bison!
 And his friends....

Then, my hubby spotted antelope running across the meadow. It was so beautiful to see these animals leaping across the grass. 
And wow, could they fly!
Just to give you an idea of the enormous scale of these surroundings, I was using a 300 mm lens, and had it fully zoomed. This meadow was HUGE! And the mountains are not little, either! It was truly a magnificent view.
We hopped back in the Winnie to continue on our way. 

Our next stop was at Colter Bay Marina & Campground. The kids had spotted snow patches on the ground, and being from Southern California, they were beyond excited to get their hands on snow! We were also very interested to see what the campground looked like for possible future trips.
 We couldn't believe there was still snow on the ground in June! We had been watching the weather prior to our trip, and knew there was a snowstorm a few weeks prior. It was still unbelievable to us that there would be snow remaining. The kids had a blast playing in it!
 Little L made his first snowball. And proceeded to pelt his sister with it. Ahh...brotherly love!
 Good thing the girls are tough enough to fight back. After a rousing snowball fight, we herded the kids back to the Winnie.
We had walked about four feet away from the snow when our little guy started screaming and crying in pain. We finally realized his hands were burning after playing in the freezing snow. Little snow rookie had no idea about frostbite, cold hands, or thawing and thought that tingling/burning feeling would last forever. We helped him warm up, calmed him down, and tried to get things back to normal (or as normal as things get with these kiddos) and get back on the road.
 And before we knew it, we were at Yellowstone! Here are the kids in front of Snake River.
Yeah!! What a view. 
 Once inside the gate, it was still another hour drive to our campground, Bridge Bay. There were beautiful sights all along the way. Here are a few of my favorites...

Yosemite Lake
Thermal features near West Thumb Geyser Basin

 Some beautiful wildlife right inside our campground. These guys were just relaxing in the shade.
 Sweet little guy looked right at me for this photo.
After this beautiful drive, and after seeing so much wildlife, I was on cloud nine, and SO excited to start exploring the park. We settled into our campsite and started planning our itinerary for the next six days.

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