Friday, July 4, 2014

Yellowstone: Grand Canyon of

This morning we drove to "The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone." Now, full disclosure, I was born in the Grand Canyon State (Arizona, for you non-zonies), so my expectations were not high for GCoY. I mean, after you've seen the real Grand Canyon, what could possibly compare? Uh, I was wrong. Wasn't the first time, and definitely not the last, but wow, was I wrong! It was spectacular!
The parking was a bit tight, but our fearless leader managed to parallel park in a safe (and fairly level) spot. It was fun to see our rv from way across the canyon. 
The weather near the Grand Canyon was much warmer and dryer than near the Lake (where we were camping). The kids were a bit hot right in the sunshine, but I was thrilled to be free from mosquitoes while we were there. Well worth the heat in my opinion.

As soon as we entered the rocky entrance to the top of the canyon, we spied a nest high atop rocks in the middle of the canyon. It was built at a spectacular height. It's very difficult to guage just how high the nest was from a photograph, but it was amazing to see in real life. And just as we were watching it, Mama (I think) Osprey swooped in with food for her chicks. They all popped up and came to life, begging for food. It was SO cool!
We took turns looking through my longest photography lens, but even through the camera, the birds were so far away! This canyon was amazingly huge. What a beautiful view!
The Osprey were amazing, but the lure of rushing water drew us closer to the Lower Falls. And what beautiful Falls they were!
 The sheer volume of water was astounding! We stared, spellbound.
 We walked further along the trail to see the river and the falls.
 Along the trail we met another family with three kids. They were boys, well all full-grown men now, the couple sighed and said they remembered what it was like when their kids were young. Then they kindly offered to take a family picture for us. Sweet! We love meeting other nature-loving families on our trips.
As I mentioned, I was born in Arizona (a desert), so I always wonder if that's why I love water so much. I am just drawn to this rushing, raging waterfall, complete with beautiful mist.
 My girls loved the falls too. And of course the little guy was mesmerized by the crashing water too.
 We were so excited to see the beautiful rainbow in the fall's mist!
After posing for one more picture for me, the kids said goodbye to the canyon, and we traveled onward. So much to see in Yellowstone!

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