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Homemade Bug Repellent Tested and Approved!

Last year I blogged about making homemade bug repellent for the first time. I was interested in finding a more natural way to keep mosquitoes at bay while we were camping. There's nothing more annoying than itching and scratching all night, after a fun day of hiking or an evening of marshmallow roasting. But I hate those deet-filled, overly scented, sticky concoctions that you buy in stores. And we have tried the more natural commercial blends (which were still overly scented for my taste) but they didn't work well enough. So, I used my best friend, Google to find some answers. Wellness Mama was an awesome inspiration and resource. She's got some great things on that blog of hers.

4th of July Fizzles- Clear Lake State Park

Image weekends and camping. It's the stuff great memories are made of. 
Fourth of July is one of our family's favorite holidays. We've spent some very fun ones in Twin Lakes, Yellowstone, at home, and at Lake Tahoe. Last year, we decided to camp in the woods and visit a nearby amusement park for the Fourth of July festivities. We were all excited for our upcoming trip. We made reservations months in advance. We asked the grandparents to come with us, but they didn't think they could make it. So we started planning our trip alone. 
To our great surprise (and happiness) the grandparents called a few weeks prior to the Fourth and told us they could indeed make it for the vacation. We were ecstatic! But what about our reservations? Of course, there was no more vacancy where we had planned to camp (Mt. Madonna) so we searched the surrounding area. Nothing! California camping reservations are hard to come by, and last-minute holiday reservations almost unheard of.…