Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One Hour

This year, my youngest is in half-day kindergarten. This has been really great for both of us.  It allows both of us a gradual transition to full-day school next year. However, since my older girls are in school full time, there are often little blocks of time between pick-ups or drop off at school that can make getting "real" things done tough. Lots of time people ask, "what do you do with that hour?"

Well honestly, sometimes my hours are not very productive. I get distracted with house keeping, bill paying, talking with friends, getting on the computer or doing little stuff around the house. It's hard to finish a rewarding project or even a whole load of laundry or ironing in that time. The hours seem to slip away and disappear. But today I used my hour wisely!
I went outside to explore. All by myself! You don't have to go very far to get in touch with nature. This whole little hike took less than an hour.  Mostly important for me: put down my phone, breathe deeply, look around and enjoy the scenery. Just listen to this beautiful chorus of birds singing:
I spent time really listening to the sounds around me, felt the sunshine on my face, felt the rush of adrenaline as I spotted a snake. I then felt several more rushes of adrenaline at every future crackle of branches in the shrubbery. Why do snakes look so much bigger in real life?
The sky is so deep blue and the clouds are like wispy friends, waving in the wind. But how often do we see them...I mean really see them?!
I left the trail, refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the huge pile of laundry in my house. I don't want to waste my hours, I will appreciate and enjoy them. Every moment counts. Lets make the most of them.

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