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A Visit to the Giant Sequoias

After a frustrating evening spent trying (unsuccessfully) to get a camping reservation, I decided to plan a day trip for our family instead. Have I mentioned how hard it is to get camping reservations in California? Okay, maybe I've gone into that before, but anyway, it's a real pain!   Extremely annoyed that I didn't have any luck finding a spot at my favorite campgrounds, and determined to avoid another Clear Lake disaster, if possible, I decided to go on a scouting expedition for new camping opportunities.

Quickie RV Nightlight- no battery drain!

Anyone who's camped with kids knows that as soon as you think you know exactly what they like, those darn kids change things up on you! Yep, my kiddo who has previously insisted on total darkness for sleep, suddenly was afraid of the dark. So, in the middle of the night, while dry-camping (no hook-ups) in our RV, I "Macgyvered" a solution. I didn't want to leave an RV light on all night, and drain our RV battery. So, I found one of our little cheapo kid flashlights (about $1.99 at amazon, walmart, or target) and turned it on next to our water bottle. It illuminates the bottle and gives a cozy little glow in the RV. Not too bright for those of us that need to sleep in the dark, but bright enough for those who are a little scared of the dark.