Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Travel First Aid Kit(s)

Over the past few years of travel with kids, my first aid kit has evolved a bit (goodbye teething tablets, hello ace bandages!) But it's definitely a necessity. I use a 2-kit system. My Travel kit is always packed with what I feel are our normal necessities for an everyday injury. I prefer this kit to be bag-style with handles, because I throw it in our regular car when I'm driving around town, and at the house while we're home. I considered keeping a separate travel kit in the rv, so it wouldn't be forgotten, but I don't like to keep the liquid medication or sunscreen in the heat of the rv storage. So this was added to my pre-trip prep list and (knock wood) it hasn't been forgotten yet! I can't tell you how many times I've used this for my kids (or others) while out and about. Just make sure to replenish supplies as you use them.
Travel First Aid Kit 
Tweezers (A GOOD pair, not the cheap useless ones that come with a kit)
Small pair of scissors
Ibuprofen (child & adult)
Insect Repellent (home-made and commercial)
Tylenol (child and adult)
Children's earache drops
Cold Medicine (child) 
Home-made vapo-rub
Home-made muscle salve
A quick read thermometer (plus extra batteries)
Allergy medication/Benadryl
Bandaids (various sizes)
Butterfly bandages (I have a VERY active crew)
Cortizone Cream 
Calamine Lotion
Lip Balm

*When our freezer isn't PACKED to the brim with food, I also throw our gel ice pack in there. When   it is, I just figure I will use frozen veggies or some of our ice in case of emergency.

I keep another kit under the rv bed, where it is always kept, even when we're not traveling. If someone were to get a serious injury/illness when we were traveling, we would most-likely cut our trip short, and drive home. But this kit will help to keep the person patched up until we arrived!
I just use a plastic container with lid for this secondary kit. Something this size works well for ours:
Big Kahuna First Aid Kit (always remains in rv)
Ace Bandages and clips 
Ankle brace
Wrist brace
Knee brace
Larger bandages/sterile gauze
Medical tape
Sewing kit with needles (I just threw one from a hotel in there)
Finger splint (I already had one, and it seemed useful)
Wound prep wipes


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