Light Saber Keeper

In case you are wondering what I do with my time when I'm not RV'ing. Here you go:


Yep, as a mom of three very energetic, creative and adventurous kids, it really is all about survival.

My youngest, a little six year old ball of fire, loves Star Wars, pirates, sword fighting, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and other such active games which require weaponry (or a stick he's found in the woods that can be used as a sword or weapon).
Now in the woods, where there's plenty of room for sword-play, and where sticks can be thrown back into the woods after the game, this is not a problem. However, when I am sneaking into his room, or ahem, when the tooth fairy is sneaking into his room under the cover of darkness, and she trips over some weapon and it lights up and makes Star Wars noises, and it scares the poor Tooth Fairy nearly to death, and she bites her lip so as not to scream out in agony because her shin...I mean HER SHIN!!! Ouch!!

Anyway, something drastic had to be done. So I grabbed a cardboard roll (emptied of its packing tape long ago, and hoarded by my children...yes that is another issue), grabbed a zip tie, and headed to the garage.
I just drilled two holes big enough for the zip tie I wanted to use, put the whole thing in a cardboard box and sprayed it with silver spray paint. CAUTION: DO NOT spray near anything, I mean ANYTHING even remotely nearby. Cars, houses, sidewalk, don't ask me how I know, but these babies will attract paint. And the slightest hint of a breeze will carry those paint particles FAR! My suggestion is to put the object in a cardboard box, and take it outside and spray it inside the box. Trust me. Just do.

After drying, you can just zip-tie your Light Saber holder to whatever you have handy. I used the slats of my son's bed, but really, anything will work here. Seems like a little thing, but your (or your tooth-fairy's) shins will thank you!
Now I have to come up with something to solve the "lego foot" trauma and the "hot wheels at the top of the stairs" nightmare. Feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions.


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