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Winter in Yosemite

We've been to Yosemite now so many times, it really feels like home. We've been in spring, fall, summer, and now....we can add winter to that list!
I kept hearing how beautiful the park was in the winter, but honestly, I couldn't imagine it being any more amazing than it already was. I was wrong!

Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows

After tasting how delicious homemade marshmallows really were, I went a bit crazy, trying all different sorts of flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint marshmallows. They were all a big hit, but our favorite, by far, was the peppermint.

Homemade Graham Crackers

Well, once I found a delicious marshmallow recipe, I had to find one for graham crackers of course. How else to make those perfect s'mores?!

Homemade "Clean" Marshmallows

When I first found out about my daughter's food sensitivity, I scrambled to try to make all the foods and snacks she loved in a homemade version. Through trial and error (lots and lots of error) I was able to make almost everything. But marshmallows, marshmallows were the bane of my existence. I just could not get them right. I couldn't find any organic versions without natural flavors or corn syrup in them. I made homemade versions using agar-agar and almost gagged at the grainy, sea watery flavor. I got marshmallow string in my hair, on my kitchen floor and everywhere. I had flat marshmallows and gray marshmallows. I gave up. I admitted defeat.

And for most people, what's the big deal about marshmallows anyway? They taste kinda' gross, they're sticky and gelatinous and they were definitely not one of my favorite foods. Now caramel, that's another issue altogether, but I digress. For a camping family, marshmallows and s'mores are such a huge part of the ca…

Real Food on the Road--RV CRAZY?'s tips for fitting it all

When we eat mostly fresh or homemade foods we feel healthier and happier. Bonus Points: no one in our family gets hives. Yay for no allergic reactions! However, these foods don't have the additives that prolong their shelf lives. Most of our food needs to be frozen, or made within a day or two of eating in order to remain fresh. So how do we fit it all?
Okay, lets get serious here. We have five people traveling in a tiny RV. Five people who love to eat. Five people who I am constantly prepping, cooking or shoveling food into when we're AT HOME with all of our modern conveniences. At home, I have a large refrigerator and freezer in the house, and a huge freezer outside in our garage. On RV trips, I have this:

RIP Big Tree

I was so sad to read about the loss of the big Pioneer Cabin Tree over this past weekend. The tree, which we had visited on our trip to Calaveras Big Tree State Park was blown over in the recent rain and windstorms near us. Rest in peace, big tree, in the forest with your friends. Thanks for the memories.