Laguna Creek Trail: Elk Grove, California

One of our favorite local trails meanders through the city, tucked in between neighborhoods and underneath railroad tracks, behind city streets. You can see the homes behind this pond, but aside from that, you forget you're in the city while walking this peaceful trail.

Lush green grass blankets the area, and dirt and paved trails allow for easy walking...

....or biking, scooter-ing or running.

You can spot egret, turtles, and if you're very lucky...river otters!

 We even spotted a snake once. That was a very exciting day!
The trail spans over a good part of the east side of Elk Grove. There are many spots to access it. Here is a full map of the trail:

You can walk as much or as little of the trail as you like. It's a very easy hike, and a great way to feel like you're getting out in nature, without leaving your own backyard. Have a beautiful time. 
Happy Trails!


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