California State Park Camping Reservations-Big Changes Coming Soon!

Big news from the California State Park System. They are changing the reservation system to make the parks more accessible for visitors. Hopefully this will make it easier for all of us to finally get some camping reservations this year! 

Main changes (beginning August 1st) include:
  • Rolling reservation window allows for reserving sites 6 months from present date. No more waiting for the first of each month. And if your trip extends past the 6 month window, they will allow you to reserve the whole time as long as there is availability!
  • More campsites available.
  • Better photos and views of each campsite.
  • More self-service options.
  • Make reservations on or call 800-444-PARK (7275).
Changes beginning March 2018 include:
  • View your reservations online in real-time.
  • More payment options and trip-planning information online.
Here's hoping that the changes will allow us all to find that perfect camping spot this year...and actually get to reserve it! Good luck everyone. May the fastest fingers (or internet service) win you a spectacular site!

Read the full press release here.


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