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Hello, and welcome to our blog. Most of you reading this are probably my family or friends, so you know all of this already. But for new friends...here's a quick intro: I love nature! I love getting out and enjoying the trees, the waves, the sky, the clouds and the stars. As a mom to three sweet and mischievous kids, it's fun to explore these things again through their eyes. My hard-working husband and I love to spend time as a family together. So we decided to buy an RV and enjoy spending every free moment (around work and school) traveling with our kids. We know most RV'ers are older than us, but we wanted to spend this quality time with our family while we are still young enough to have the physical energy for it, and while our kids are still young enough to want to hang out with us! We love that our RV is small enough to make quick trips around our work schedule possible and very fun. We can be out of the house within hours now, when unexpected free time comes up. 
So far, we've had a lot of fun on our journey. We have grown even closer as a family and learned much about our little RV too. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you, and I'll do my best to answer. 

Comment on my posts any time, or email me at: Contact RV Crazy?

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